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VEGAN Thai Coconut Curry Butternut Squash Soup

VEGAN Thai Coconut Curry Butternut Squash Soup

I'm very much a creator of habit, I tend to get in routine of eating the same things without much variation so I am trying to break that habit. I have recently tried rutabaga, turnips, butternut squash, parsnips, and some other fruits and veggies. I make them almost the same way but hey, it's a start, and I know what I like! If you haven't noticed, I'm super bad about blogging my recipes, it is not that I haven't made things, they just don't make it to the blog. sigh! You have a better chance of catching things on Instagram: wdjd4u. Often I throw something together thinking it won't be very good and it turns out amazing and I didn't track exactly what I put in or take any pictures. Okay enough rambling…

So butternut squash, it is one of the most common variety of the winter squash fruit, yes, it's a fruit! It is recognized as a large pear shaped golden yellow pumpkin fruit. Butternut squash has a low glycemic index and is moderately anti-inflammatory. It is also low in saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium and a good source of Vitamin E, Thiamin, Niacin, Vitamin B6, Folate, Calcium and Magnesium and an excellent source of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Potassium and Manganese.

This recipes is not raw, but I tried to keep as many raw ingredients as I could.

VEGAN Thai Coconut Curry Butternut Squash Soup

(makes about 8 Cups, serves 4)

4 Cups of cubed Butternut Squash (half of a medium sized squash)
4 Cups of filtered Water

Boil together until Butternut Squash is soft

Raw Ingredients:
1/2 Red Onion
1 1/2" Fresh Ginger Root (peeled)
3 Celery Stalks
1 T Curry Powder
4 T Nutritional Yeast
1 Cup of Fresh Coconut Milk (store bought or full fat should work as well)**
3 cloves of Fresh Garlic (not minced)
Sea Salt to taste

I threw all the Raw ingredients into my Vitamix and added the boiled Butternut Squash along with the water it was cooked into. Blended on high for approximately one minute and served.

Super easy and quick. It probably took 15-20 minutes total, including prep and cooking time.

**Fresh Coconut Milk - I used the coconut water and meat from one fresh young thai coconut and added some filtered water and blended in the Vitamix, which yielded about 4 cups of milk. It was a thinner consistency, for a thicker consistency add less  (or no) water.

Update on Road Back to Health

So, once again it's been ages since I've posted! :( I've continued to battle chronic fatigue and was recently, finally, after 20 years, diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome! I continue to believe in full healing, I also know that the Lord is using my illness to teach me things, reach others and will use it in the future to bless many. I have learned to manage pretty well and with an 'invisible' illness such as CFS, most people have no idea your ill or what you go through. Since my last post, I have continued to focus on healing through diet and nutrition, replenishing healthy gut bacteria, controlling candida, and have done two 40 day fasts (liquids-smooties, soups, juices). I'm brewing my own Kombucha for added probiotics and even flavoring them as well. There's so much more I can write, but I'll keep it short for now.

SO here's the the inches lost since beginning:

Shoulders  - 3.5"
Chest  - 8.5"
Waist  - 8.5"
Hips  - 4"
Thigh  - 3.5"
Arms  - 1"

Total LOST = 29" - CRAZY!!!!!! I'm also down about 33 pounds!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Road Back to Health - Week 5 of Candida Cleanse

(again sorry for the poor picture quality)

Okay, I'm a really bad blogger! There I said it and I'll move on.

After week one, I continued doing the Bentonite Clay and Fibre and broth and adding in eating a small raw meal once or  a day for about a week or so. I took a 7 day Ultimate Flora Critical Care 200 Billion by Renew Life and then switched to a Raw Probiotic Ultimate Care 100 Billion by Garden of Life. What I didn't realize what that the Raw Probiotic had dairy in it, YES, I'm ALLERGIC! I didn't really seem to notice too much of a reaction, so I tried doubling the probiotic to finish it.....needless to say STUPID move. I felt HORRIBLE, super exhausted, back to napping and sleeping a whole lot. Only took me two weeks, but I finally bought a new one. I'm currently taking Ultimate Flora Critical Colon 80 Billion by Renew Life. Trying to find a probiotic that is dairy-free, soy-free, corn-free, vegan, and gluten-free was a challenge. I spent a lot of time looking at ALL the ingredients and asking around. A friend of mine recommended the Ultimate Flora, she suffers from an autoimmune disorder and said that is what her Natropath Doctor recommended. For anti-fungals, I'm taking extra virgin, unrefined coconut oil, garlic, and pumpkin seeds.

In week two, I developed a rash on my back, which stuck around for a little over a week. I've had a few headaches, but other then that and the fatigue (which I'd mostly relate to the allergic reaction), the candida die-off has not been bad.

Honestly, I am not missing the sugar in the fruits or carby vegetables, like carrots, potatoes, etc, at all. I will say that I did make a couple of BAD choices, which hasn't helped the progress, but I'm OVERCOMING temptation! I do have some new recipes, just need to sit down and typed them up. Last weekend, I made raw vegan veggie burgers and we are still munching on them. I also made flax crackers, which made for a nice 'bun' for the burgers. My biggest issue is sometimes I lack creativity or motivation to come up with something new. And without transportation or finances (at time) the ability to go to the store when I need something.

Oh, I almost forgot, when I started this five weeks ago, I also began Oil Pulling! I know it sounds crazy, but I went to get by teeth cleaned last week by a friend in Dental Hygienist School at Sanford Brown and let's just say, I am a FIRM believer in Oil Pulling. Even after just a few weeks, it's made a huge difference. I'll save that for another post, so keep watch. I will say that since it is a school, they were extremely thorough. It was two visits, 2.5 hours the first time and about 5 the second. Mostly because you have to wait to be checked and she did a couple competencies on me as well.

Let me take a minute and be honest with you.......when I measured, I could see that the numbers had dropped and I can actually feel that I've lost, however when I added them up, I only came to a total of 10 inches, which is only 1.5 since the last time. I even added twice, same number, I was a little disappointed, after all I would LOVE to fit back into clothes I was wearing only four months ago. So I re-added and this makes a little more sense. :)

Bottom line, I'm feeling better and having more energy.

SO here's the the inches lost since beginning:

Shoulders  - 1.5"
Chest  - 5.5"
Waist  - 3.5"
Hips  - 1.5"
Thigh  - 1"
Arms  - 0"

Total LOST = 13" (4.5" since last post)

Here's a side by side comparison from the last post and today! 

Week 2
Week 5

(p.s. We do not have a scale and I haven't been somewhere to weigh myself, but will next time I have the opportunity)

I would love to hear from you. Please post any comments or feedback. You can also email me at

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This is so incredibly yummy!!!

What are Raw Kelp Noodles?

Raw Kelp Noodles are a sea vegetable in the form of noodles. They are made from kelp and sodium alginate (sodium salt extracted from a brown seaweed), and water. Raw Kelp Noodles are fat-free, gluten-free, low in carbohydrates and calories and a rich source of trace minerals including iodine. They are known to aid in metabolism, promote weight loss, boost energy, aid in digestion, promote scalp and hair health and help with thyroid function. They have a neutral taste and allow for a great addition to salads and raw noodle dishes. No cooking is required either, which makes them quick and easy to use. 


Rinse 1 package of raw kelp noodles several times
Soak in warm water about 30 mins

Sauce Ingredients:
3/4C raw Cashews
1t Parsley
1T Lemon juice
1T Evoo
1/2C Water
3T Nutritional yeast
Sea salt
Black pepper

Blend Sauce Ingredients in Vitamix until warm

Pour sauce over noodles and enjoy!!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Road Back to Health - Week 1 of Candida Cleanse

I didn't take a before picture, but here's one from today after completing 7 days on the cleanse. (sorry for the bad quality) 

Yesterday I wrote a post with an update on my health, if you read it you will know that I've been super anemic and without energy for several months now. Despite eating healthy, mostly raw/vegan diet. Last tuesday, my good friend, Mariah and I started a Candida Cleanse. Candida is yeast in our digestive tract, we all have it but it can grow out of control and cause many serious health issues. I'll post more on Candida another time. In 2006 when I first began this journey of healing through diet and nutrition, I did something similar. This time we are mostly following The Candida Diet. It is a great resource and has tons of information. In short, sugars and certain other foods feed the candida and cause it to grow out of control. To start, we did the Candida Cleanse, which is a detox drink made of water, bentonite clay and a fiber mix that you drink three times a day, vegetable broth (broth only) twice a day and a liver flush of water, garlic, ginger and olive oil at the end of the day. You do this for seven days. This is the more intense (harder) version of the cleanse. You can also eat raw vegetables with two detox drinks and the liver flush for seven to fourteen days. 

Yesterday we finished our seven days on the cleanse! I'm actually continuing for a little longer and incorporating some raw food into my diet (a mix of the two cleanses) for another week. I should probably mention that I HATE/DESPISE using the word diet, as it implies there is an expiration date. In addition, any time you exclude something from your diet or what you eat daily and re-introduce it, most people tend to re-gain the weight they've lost. To me it's a 'Life Style'! That being said, for lack of a better word I will use it until I find something better. 

I think the cleanse went well! It wasn't difficult and I experienced very little hunger. Some unpleasant part of the Candida Cleanse is Candida Die-Off, which include:

  • Nausea
  • Headache, fatigue, dizziness
  • Swollen glands
  • Bloating, gas, constipation or diarrhea
  • Increased joint or muscle pain
  • Elevated heart rate
  • Chills, cold feeling in your extremities
  • Body itchiness, hives or rashes
  • Sweating
  • Fever
  • Skin breakouts
  • Recurring vaginal, prostate and sinus infections. 
My biggest symptoms were nausea, headaches and the last day a few rashes on my arms and couple other spots, however they're mostly gone today. 

SO here's the the inches lost this week:

Shoulders  - 1"
Chest  - 3.5"
Waist  - 2"
Hips  - 1"
Thigh  - 1"
Arms  - 0"

Total LOST = 8.5"

I should mention, while losing weight and inches is a bonus, my ONLY goal is regaining my health and healing my body, NOT losing weight! 

I looked back at measurements I took in September and couldn't believe I had gained 8 inches in my waist alone, needless to say I was disgusted! 

I don't have a scale at the moment so don't have that number. 

On the road to healing! 


Dry Skin Brushing

Back in 2006, when I first began my journey to healing through diet through diet and nutrition. I began a researching and reading a lot. I never take just one resource, I tend to read a lot and use wisdom and common sense before I just believer or do. In this process, I came across Dry Skin Brushing

Okay, so I know this sounds weird, right? 

Our skin is our largest organ, yes organ! It also accounts for 1/4th of our body's detoxification every day. It eliminates 1-2 pounds of waste daily. It is known as our 3rd kidney, lungs being the 2nd. It's the last to receive nutrients and the first to show signs of improper balance and deficiency. When your skin cannot properly eliminate toxins, it cause acnes, itchiness, eczema, hives and body odor. Did you know that body odor is an indicator of toxic build up? Clogged pores prevent your body from effectively releasing toxins. When toxins are unable to be released through the skin, they will be stored in fat cells, contributing to cellulite and other fatty deposits or re-circulated back into the blood stream. When this happens the kidneys, livers and other detox organs become overloaded. We all know exfoliating our skin is good for us, right? It's also invigorating for our skin. It increases our blood supply and brings nourishment and oxygen to that area, also improving circulation of the skin and keeping the pores of the skin open. When we stimulate our skin and nerve beds, we can set natural healing in motion through out our body, also increasing a normal healing process. 

If you think about the amazing way God created our bodies, they were made to heal themselves. If you get a cut on your skin, it heals. If you break a bone, when it's reset, it heals. When we have a temperature or pain, our body is telling us, sending a signal, that something is wrong, that we need to slow down and pay attention. In our fast pace society, we tend to want a magical fix, a pill to make everything better. I can tell you friends, it's not that simple! 

If you read my post yesterday, you'll know I haven't been well for several moths now. I will say that over that last 3 years, I've seriously lacked in the dry skin brushing area, partially living in community, sharing a bathroom and busyness. I had begun to get back into a routine  before I got sick, but I'm back on track (for the most part). :) 

Benefits Dry Skin Brushing 

  • Helps with digestions and nurtures the body.
  • Stimulates blood and lymph flow and cleans toxins from lymphatic system. Dry skin brushing helps move lymph fluid and jump-start our health. Our lymphatic systems is an important part of our cleansing and immune system. It cleanses and restores our cells, however it must be moved through quickly so we don't end up with swollen tissues, particularly in our ankles. It stimulates the lymph canals to drain toxic matter into the colon, which purifies the entire system, which enables the lymph to do it's job and keep blood and other vital tissues detoxifies. 
  • Removes dead skin cells and other debris collected in pores. This helps improve skin texture and cell renewal. Dry skin is a sign of detoxification. It's important to remove them to prevent clogging our system. When clogged pores are eliminating, our skin is able to absorb nutrients better, contributing to overall body health.  
  • Increase and stimulate circulation. As mentioned above, this encourages discharge of metabolic waste, improving lymphatic drainage throughout the body. When our bodies are free of toxins, it runs more efficiently in all areas.
  • Tightens skin, reduces cellulite and increases cell renwal. Who doesn't want to have tighter skin (look younger) and have less cellulite? People pay lots of money for this. In order to see results, you must do this daily for months, but the payoff will be well worth it. Dry Skin Brushing tightens the skin because blood flow is increased and increasing circulation to the skin, which helps reduce the appearance of cellulite. The stimulation creates new skin cells which tightens and regenerates overall skin health and beaty. By massaging and stimulating the skin, the toxic deposits of stored fatty tissues that pucker up under the skin into cellulite are broken up. **Cellulite is TOXIC! It's is toxic material that has accumulated in our body's fat cells that our body was able to eliminate. 
  • Stimulates the nervous system and tones the muscles. When our nerve ends in our skin are stimulated, our nerves are rejuvenated and individual muscle fevers are activating, which results in toner muscles. Many of us sit at computers all day and have inactive lifestyles, which can lead to stiff/sore necks and shoulders. Increasing the blood flow increases energy that helps us feel more energetic. 
  • Stimulates hormone and oil glands. Sweating is an important part of the detoxification process but when our pores are clogged, we can have foul body odor. Over time this will go away, but may get worse before it gets better. Daily brushing can also help the skin produce the oil it needs to stay healthy. 
  • Strengthens the immune system. Dry skin brushing can reduce the length of illness and infections because toxins are being moved quickly through the body and stimulating the lymph to eliminate waste from the body. 
  • Improves exchange between cells.

How to do Dry Skin Brushing

Buy a Natural, NOT synthetic, bristle brush. I use one like this one sold on Amazon. I don't think this is the actual one, but mine has a removable head. I bought mine at WholeFoods. 

Buy one with a long handle so you can reach all areas of your body, especially the ones that aren't so easy to reach. 

Brush BEFORE showering or bathing, at least ONCE a day, TWICE, if possible. It will not have the same effect on wet skin and will stretch your skin. 

Brush LIGHTLY over and around your breast and do NOT brush the nipples. 

Use long motions toward the heart, NOT back and forth. 

The skin should not become red. If it does, you're probably doing it too hard. 

Brush each part of your body vigorously and completely, several times. Brushing your WHOLE body. 

START with the soles of your feet as the nerve endings there affect your WHOLE body, next brush your ankles, calves, and thighs, then stomach and buttocks and lastly your hands to arms. 

ALWAYS brush TOWARD your heart. 

Do circular counter-clockwise strokes on your abdomen. 

Take a WARM bath or shower, which should be followed by a COOL rinse at the end to invigorate blood circulation and stimulate surface warmth. 

Wash your brush every few week in water and allow it to DRY. 

Avoid brushing anywhere you have cuts, broken skin, rash or infection. 

You may find large amounts of lymph mucoid in your stool after a day or two of beginning brushing. This is perfectly normal as your body is emptying out the backlog of mucoid from the lymphatic system and this is the effect of detoxifying the lymph system. 

I would love to hear from you if you have questions. 

Happy Brushing!


Monday, March 11, 2013

Health Update - Personal Testimony and Journey

I suffered from chronic fatigue for over 13 years and many, many trips to the doctors, tests after tests after tests just to be put on handfuls of medications. Over six years ago, I set on a different path and began seeking healing through diet and nutrition. I had AMAZING amounts of energy, lost 80 pounds and kept it off for five years. I had found a healthy weight and stayed there, even when I fasted or detoxed, I maintained my weight. I was eating about 95% raw and vegan with an occasionally sushi treat. What can I say, I LOVE sushi!!!!!!!!! You can read more about my story here. About three years ago, I began to get lazier with my eating, I moved to Hawaii and had no control over my food prep, in 2010 spent three months in Haiti and the Dominican Republic, got a parasite, and in 2011 spent three months in Japan and Thailand. I tried to stay raw as best I could but it wasn't always possible. I had several food allergies (dairy, corn, almonds, and yeast), many people prayed for healing and I would attempt to eat those items again, only to make me sick again. Progressively I began having more and more food intolerance. I did several detoxes and a few 40 day fasts, I introduced Kombucha and Kevita drinks into my routine to incorporate probiotics. I began running again in July through October and was feeling and doing great. 

On October 13, 2012 was the Ironman World Championship in Kona. The best of the best come to compete. I was volunteering with a professional triathlete's ministry leading up to Ironman and was super busy for months. On Wednesday, October 17th, I went to the office early, bringing my Morning Glory Drink with me. A good 40 ounces, as I had been doing every day for weeks. Around 11am I went to check the mail and say goodbye to a friend that was leaving that day and quickly began to feel very ill to the point I thought I was going to pass out. I returned to the office and went home immediately. Crawled in bed and slept until the next morning. I thought I was so exhausted from working so much, yet something in my spirit told me to call the doctor. Now I hadn't been to the doctor in over 8 years and hadn't even had health insurance for about seven years so for me to go to the doctor is a big deal, after all, 13 years of repeated doctor visits in tests got me sicker. Since I was a new patients, they told me someone would have to call me back to schedule the appointment. I called right when the opened at 8am, by 4:30pm I still hadn't heard back so I called again. They couldn't get me in for 8 days, I pleaded and said something wasn't right, I had been sleeping for a day and a half, after talking to the triage nurse, they squeezed me in the following Monday. I continued to sleep from the time I came home on Wednesday at midday all weekend until my appointment. The longest I was up was an hour here and there. They ordered a blood work which I had done the next day and the following Monday I got a call from the nurse saying that I was really anemic and the doctor wanted to order some additional diagnostic tests. Back to the lab the following day. This continued on for weeks. What I really appreciate about the doctor (actually the Physician's Assistant) that I was seeing is that he did NOT just prescribe me meds for the anemia, which turned out to be due to iron-defficiency. He was really working to figure out what was causing the anemia. 

This continued on for 8 weeks, tests after tests, with no answers. I was hoping to use medical science to tell me 'what' was wrong so I could use alternative medicine to correct it. It didn't make any sense to me, as I was taking in plenty of iron in my diet. I told the doctor repeatedly that it really seemed like an absorption issue to me. One of the tests they did appeared that my iron was in a normal range but my ferritin (iron storage was almost nothing) and hemoglobin was low. Ferritin is what gives you energy so needless to say this made sense that I had NO energy, ZIP, ZERO! And that I continued to spend my days in bed, sleeping, barely able to move. Any kind of activity, even going to the grocery store and coming right back was physically exhausting. I began doing a lot of my own research in the little time I was actually awake. I came across an article that talked about one of biggest causes of Iron Deficiency Anemia was due to improper balance of gut flora (good bacteria in your digestive tract). Let me back up a sec, right before Thanksgiving I went to see an allergist. My list of allergies had significantly grown. I'm now allergic to peanuts, pecans, black walnuts, sesame, soy, beef, chicken, lamb, pork, turkey, and eggs, in addition to the previous allergies. Nice, huh! Oh, and I'm asthmatic so got a breathing treatment and prescription for an inhaler, which I went through in two weeks. My doctor prescribed a maintenance inhaler and another emergency inhaler, which seemed to help a bit. He also encouraged me to try an iron supplement, which made me really ill and therefore haven't been able to take. I've tried taking it in smaller doses, different times of the days etc. 

Fast forward to February..........still tired, still no energy, back to eating almost only a raw food diet and staying away from allergens. Still no improvement. Take that back, I progressed to napping daily but not sleeping all day! Let's go back to the article I read about gut flora being the main cause of iron deficiency anemia, this made a whole lot of sense to me. Since I'm allergic to dairy, I can't eat yogurt and therefore don't any probiotics, which help with gut flora (good bacteria). When I went to Haiti and the Dominican, I did take some while I was out of the country. As I mentioned before, I've done a lot of detoxes and fasts over the last few years, sometimes for health, sometimes for spiritual reasons and sometimes for both. Detoxes are good to give your body, specifically your digestive tract a break and flush the toxins out. One thing I never gave much thought to was probitics and restoring proper balance after cleansing my system. When I first began the healing process in 2006, I followed Dr. Don Colbert's Bible Cure book for Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia. I cut out everything processed, everything white (flour, sugar, potatoes, rice, etc) and sugars (including fruit) for over 3 months (may have been closer to 6) to clear candida (overgrowth of yeast in my digestive tract). For the last month, I've eaten a pretty good raw food diet and still no improvement. 

Fast forward to March........I'm staying with a friend in Orlando, resting and focusing on getting well. Six days ago we began doing a candida cleanse. We are following The Candida Diet, my friend, Mariah, is doing it with me. It makes a HUGE different when you have someone doing it with you and supporting you! I'm super thankful for her hospitality for the last four weeks and her friendship! We haven't eaten in six days, just a vegetable broth twice a day, a detox drink three times a day (water, liquid bentonite clay, and fiber mix) followed by water, and a liver flush in the evening. It's been good. You do this for seven days and then begin a strict diet (no sugars and other foods until symptoms improve), adding a good probiotic and anti fungal. So that's where I am today. Oh, I forgot to mention, in less then seven weeks, I packed on 30 pounds, which doesn't seem to be budging! Super frustrating when you are eating so healthy. 

All this to say, I have faith! I believe! I know the Lord is watching over me, I know He has my best interest at heart and He is in control. I know I will be healed and I'm doing my best to REST, learning to REST in Him and continually wait on Him! I would appreciate your prayers and I will update you on my journey to restored health! Stay posted for lots of good healthy recipes. Feel free to message me if you have any questions

Lots of love, Christine

p.s. sorry for the long post

Vegan Pad Thai (gluten free)

(Serves 4) 

I love, love, love Thai food. When I went to Thailand in 2011, we were encouraged to try other Thai dishes and not just Pad Thai, but honestly it was my favorite so I pretty much ate it every day. Often we walked down to the market for lunch and dinner and I could get Pad Thai for only $0.75, yes that's right LESS then a dollar. When I returned to Hawaii, it took me many months to go have Thai food and pay upwards for $10-15 dollars. Yikes, what a difference! Crazy, huh?

This recipe received a lot of requests as well as the Spring Rolls I just posted, so I'm attempting to recreate this and come close to something that works. If you know me, I don't measure when I cook, I'm trying to do better so I can blog my recipes again, so this won't be a habit. 

Couple other things to note, I have tons of food allergies so I'm posting this as I would make it and will suggest alternatives or suggestions. 

Many of the recipes you see online will call for Tamarind paste. Honestly, I searched high and low for it, found a seasoning packet once, tried it, wasn't impressed. When I was on the mainland again, I found the tamarind paste and tried it, again wasn't impressed. When we made Pad Thai with locals in Thailand, we didn't use anything like it..............SO I'm not using it in my recipe and I don't want to make you crazy, like I was, trying to find it. 


1 - 16 oz package of Rice Sticks, medium or whichever thickness you prefer. If you can't find Rice Sticks, Gluten Free pasta (brown rice fettuchine style will work or bean threads). In Hawaii all the grocery stores and Costco carried them and they are easy to find, on the mainland not so much, look in the International food aisle or Asian aisle at your grocery store OR for Gluten Free pasta in the pasta section. 

Sauce Ingredients:

6T of Raw Sugar (brown sugar will also work)

1 Lemon Juiced (lime juice would also work, I also use fresh)

6T of Coconut Aminos or Fish Sauce (not vegan) or Braggs Aminos (Soy alternative) or Soy Sauce (note: most soy sauce is not gluten free)

***(fish sauce is NOT vegan)***

Cayenne Pepper (per desired spiciness) or Sriracha

2TB Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO)


3-4 Green Onions, chopped

1 Garlic clove, chopped finely

1/2C Carrots, shredded

1/2C Cabbage, shredded

1/2 Fresh (not canned) Mung Bean Sprouts



Mix Sugar, Lemon Juice and Coconut Aminos together in a small sauce pan and heat until sugar is dissolved. Add Cayenne Pepper or Sriracha per desired taste. Adjust until it tastes right by adding more sugar or Aminos, etc. Once the sauce is done, set aside. 


Soak the Rice Sticks according the package (typically about 8-10 minutes in warm water until careful they do not stick together. Another option is to boil water and drop in for a few minutes until soft and drain. 

In a wok or large pot or frying pan, depending on what you have, add EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) and slightly heat. 

Add noodles and sauce and stir until desired consistency is reached and turn off heat. IF needed, you can add additional sauce ingredients as desired. 

Add remaining toppings (Green Onion, Garlic, Mung Bean Sprouts, Carrots, and Cabbage) and stir in and serve.

I don't cook the fresh vegetables. In Thailand, they add them raw on top. 

IF desired, you can add tofu. To do this, cube the tofu and pan fry in a little oil. You can add this in when you are cooking the noodles and sauce before adding the fresh vegetables. 

You can also add crushed peanuts on the top (Since I'm allergic, I don't) :) , if desired, and serve with sliced limes. 

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Raw/Vegan Spicy Thai Dressing III


1/3C Nut Free Butter of your choice (I'm using Sun-nut butter now that I can't have peanut butter, feel free to use Peanut Butter if you prefer. You can also use Almond or Cashew butter)
2T Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Peanut or Sesame oil also work, or 1T of each)
1/2 Lemon freshly squeezed
4T Water
1T Maple Syrup (pure maple syrup NOT maple flavored syrup, agave would also work)
1 Clove of Garlic
1/4t of Cayenne Pepper (adjust to taste)
Sea Salt (adjust to taste)

Blend in high speed blender or magic bullet.
Adjust ingredients for your taste and desire consistency.

Great on salads or with my Vegan Spring Rolls.

This is the third version of this sauce because I'm always making it different. :)

Vegan Spring Rolls with Spicy Thai Dipping Sauce

I LOVE Asian Food, especially spring rolls or dumplings/wontons. Several years ago I decided to make my own and have ever since. They are super super easy and yummy!! Everybody always loves them as well! Several people have been asking for the recipe so I'm posting the instructions now and will add better/more pictures next time I make them. :)

First, let me say, that you can pretty much put whatever you want in them. I start with two/three basic filler ingredients and sometimes do different varieties depending on the mood and ingredients in the house. I'll give some suggestions at the end. 

My mouth is watering just looking at these!!!! 
I'm doing a candida cleanse so unfortunately I won't be having them for a while, unless we get successful with using rice paper, which is highly possible! 


(Makes approximately 12, depending on amount of ingredients used)

Ingredients should be adjusted according to preference, I never measure, so these are guidelines.

Package of square Spring Roll Wrappers 
1/4 - 1/2 of a head of Shredded Cabbage (cut into small pieces no more then an inch long)
1 - 2 Carrots, shredded (I run mine through the FP shoot to shred, quick and easy, you can also hand shred. I use about 1/4 to 1/2 carrots to cabbage). I tend to shred carrots about once a week and store them in a mason jar so they're readily available for salads and spring rolls, etc. 
3 - 4 Green Onions (chopped)
2 - 3 cloves of Garlic, finely chopped 
Sea Salt (not too much because it will break the cabbage down and make it too soggy)
Extra Virgin Olive Oil ( EVOO) for pan frying
Small glass/bowl of water for sealing edge of wrapper

I tend to change it up when I make these some of the seasonings that I tend to add:
Cayenne Pepper

Add enough for flavor but not too much. Add to basic ingredients above.
Tomato and Avocado - I love this combo, tomatoes can make it soggy though. 
Mushrooms and Avocado - Another favorite, mushrooms can get soggy too.
Tomatoes, Avocado or Mushrooms could easily be added on their own verses in combo. 
Mung Bean Sprouts
Bell peppers - personally I'm not a fan of peppers
Imitation crab meat


1/3C Nut Free Butter of your choice (I'm using Sun-nut butter now that I can't have peanut butter, feel free to use Peanut Butter if you prefer. You can also use Almond or Cashew butter)
2T Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Peanut or Sesame oil also work, or 1T of each)
1/2 Lemon freshly squeezed
4T Water
1T Maple Syrup (pure maple syrup NOT maple flavored syrup, agave would also work)
1 Clove of Garlic
1/4t of Cayenne Pepper (adjust to taste)
Sea Salt (adjust to taste)

Blend in high speed blender or magic bullet.
Adjust ingredients for your taste and desire consistency.

Spring Roll Wrappers are available in the refrigerator section, usually near the produce, or lumpia or pastry Wrappers in the freezer section. I tend to go for the ones with least ingredients (and free of dairy/corn). Unfortunately I haven't easily gotten my hands on gluten free ones. I tend to buy the Spring Roll Pastry below. You can also buy Wonton wrappers and make smaller wonton/dumplings, which can also be steamed. 

***The last time I made these, I didn't document the process, otherwise I would have better pictures to follow. As I mentioned before, I've gotten so many requests for the recipe that I wanted to try to document something.***


You can follow the instructions on the wrappers for how to roll them. (I'll do my best to explain sans pictures). I tend to do this on a clean cutting board. Make sure you have a small glass or bowl of water. 

Put the Wrapper at an angle (corner facing you). 
Place a spoonful, maybe a little more on the wrapper closest to you, leaving enough wrapper exposed to wrap around filling. Don't put too much or it will explode or fall apart. You'll have to play around until you get it a good size. 
Lift the corner facing you and fold away from you over the filling, tucking it tightly under the filling. Roll one full roll then fold the two side corners in and continue rolling away from you, trying to keep the roll tight without tearing the wrap. Don't roll all the way, leave a bit of the last corner exposed.
Dab your fingers in water and run along the last edges of the wrapper and continue rolling, this will help keep the corner from coming undone. 
I try to place the last edge down so it doesn't unroll. 
Continue until you have made the amount you want or run out of mixture or wrappers. 

You can refrigerate left over rolls and reheat in a frying pan with a little oil, or if you're like me eat them cold, they're that good, sometimes I can't wait to heat them! They'll get a little soggy in the fridge but will get crispy again when you pan fry them.

Cooking (Pan Fry):

Put some Olive oil in a frying pan, a little more then covering the bottom, (cast iron or a coated pan work best) and heat for a few minutes. (Note: you do not need to immerse the whole roll in oil, a little oil goes a long way. If it gets low while I'm cooking, I just add a little more). 
Place the spring rolls in the oil. (I tend to do this with the last edge face down)
Rotate spring rolls until all edges are golden brown and remove from oil. 
Place on dish to cool. 

Cooking Alternative (Baking):

I only tried this once when I was cooking a mass quantity, so I'm no expert on this method. 
Pre-heat ove to 400 degrees.
Line a baking sheet with parchment paper. 
Brush the entire spring roll lightly with Olive oil. 
Place the rolls on a baking sheet.
Bake for 10 minutes and rotate and bake another 10 minutes or so. 
The goal should be golden brown like my picture above and crisp all over. 

For Wontons/Dumplings: Put a small amount in the center and fold over to make a triangle. Run a bit of water along two sides and press to seal. You can steam these, pan fry or bake as well. 

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Vegan/GF Green Curry Coconut Mushroom Quinoa


What is quinoa? 

Quinoa is considered a grain but is actually a seed. It is gluten free and can be cooked the same way as rice. It doesn't have any flavor and absorbs the flavor of the ingredients you add to it. 

Benefits of Quinoa:

- High in protein - it contains the nine essential amino acids

- Great source of riboflavin - riboflavin can help reduce the frequency of migraines. It improves the energy metabolism within the brain and muscle cells. 

- Antiseptic - saponins from quinoa are used to promote healing in skin injuries. 

- Not fattening - only 172 calories per 1/4C of dry quinoa 

- Low glycemic index - making it a smart carbohydrate

- High in iron

- Alkaline - forming 


1C Quinoa
2C water
Sea Salt to taste

Cook until Quinoa is done


1T Coconut Oil
3/4C Coconut Milk (I use Sweetened/Vanilla)
2-3 Mushrooms, chopped

2 Green Onions, chopped
1t Green Curry 

Mix and heat until Coconut Milk is absorbed. 

Serves 2-3